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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Special Adventure

For several weeks, while driving to work each day, I would pass a great big sign that read “EDDIE BAUER TENT SALE 70% OFF! Saturday, October 19th” and It just so happened that I did need a new tent (or two!) for camping. What a deal, and perfect timing too!

As a special adventure, my Little Brothers Matthew and Danny and I got up very early that Saturday morning, not wanting to miss getting the best tents. I knew that with prices like that, they would go fast. This was going to be a great lesson to the boys about the power of observation skills, patience, and frugality.

We got to the store before 8 A.M. There was a huge outdoor display being set up with signs and banners… staff were working under a great, big canopy over a large part of the parking lot, moving boxes around… We patiently waited until the appointed opening time, and then bolted into the store. I breathlessly cornered the first salesperson and asked “Which way to your tents?!” There was a strange pause that I attributed to the early hour and a lack of caffeine, but the eventual answer was something like “…Um, it’s out in the parking lot…”

Great! We ran over to the big canopy (some may refer to these things as “tents” by the way), and I asked the salesperson, excitedly, where the tents were. I had to repeat my question, and after a semi-glazed look and a “pardon?”, I repeated my question again. I mentioned the sign about the tents advertised on the road-side sign for the past few weeks. With some cautious trepidation, the salesperson indicated upward and said “Um, sir, we don’t have any tents. We only have clothes for sale… …in this tent…” There was a long and awkward pause as I processed this.

“Um, oh… I ah see. It’s a sale in a tent… Right. Um. Thank you…”

Back at the car, the boys were beside themselves laughing at me and making fun of this whole scene. They saw it all play out.
“But Eddie Bauer really does make tents! I saw them online!” I insisted.
Apparently, those tents were only sold in the USA.

We went and had enormous consolation breakfast instead, and I sulked in my maple syrop.

The “boys”, who are now 20 and 24 years old respectively, still like to ask me if I know of any good upcoming tent sales.

Joel Porter
Big Brother

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's the little memories that have so much impact. I especially like this story because it demonstrates that you don't have to be perfect to be a Big Brother.

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