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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Most Stressed Generation…

A couple of weeks ago we read a blog that caught our attention: Millennials Come of Age as America's Most Stressed Generation by Arianna Huffington in the Huffington Post.

It got us thinking about why that would be the case…

At first we thought about how Millennials have fewer hardships to face than previous generations as they came of age, such as WWI, The Great Depression and WWII...

So what are they complaining about? Why all the stress?

But then a second article caught our attention “Building resilience in our children” and the pieces of the puzzle fell back into place.

All youth will face adversity. Yes, some will face more difficult challenges than others but at some point they will all face negative moments and situations. They key is having the capacity to bounce back and cope with the challenges.

This is called resilience.

It is natural, as adults, to want to shelter our youth by trying to remove all negative circumstances they may encounter. However, is that possible? I think you know the answer to that.

In addition to trying to make the world a better place – it is becoming increasingly obvious that we, as adults, should also focus on giving our youth the tools and ability to deal with the not so wonderful aspects of the world, should we not?!

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