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Monday, August 12, 2013

(Re)Connections stories…Why do we instantly feel so moved by them?

A lot has been written about social media and why today’s generation feels the need to document every moment of their life or every thought they have through the social media channel of their choice. As a result, we’ve decided that we are not going to add our thoughts or comments to this topic.

Instead, we would like to share this touching story from our Big Brothers Big Sisters agency in Newfoundland, which recently discovered the power of reconnecting with someone you may have lost touch with. We dare you not to feel moved or touched by this story.

“While the local radio station was doing a live interview with Big Brothers Big Sisters CEO and President, Bruce Macdonald, a former little brother heard the interview and instantly sent an email to the station. The station read his story on air with Bruce and the next day the Little Brother (Walter Harding) called the local agency. He wanted to tell them who he was, the impact his Big Brother mentor had on his life and that he was now going to be interviewed that evening on the same radio station! In addition to that, Walter, who had lost touch with his Big Brother, found him and talked to him for over an hour! He was so excited that he’s emailed the agency several times and decided to sign up as a Big Brother himself.”

Did you reach for the Kleenex? It’s okay we won’t tell. Maybe this generation isn’t so different after all.

So who have you lost touch with?  Who would you like to reconnect with or just thank for the impact they had on your life.

Let us know or better yet leave a Shout Out at

Who knows where it may lead.

And if you do reconnect, please share your story with us.

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