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Monday, June 2, 2014

Ottawa Was a Life Changing Experience!

I can’t believe that it’s already been over a year since the 2013 Youth Summit! Time just flies.

I feel that I’ve changed so much from last year to now. Being given the opportunity to go to Ottawa last year, where I was able to discover new skills about myself was amazing.

When people ask me “what has been your biggest achievement to date”, I would say filling out those forms and being selected to go to the Youth Summit in Ottawa. Spending a week in Ottawa was an eye opener for me and I learned so much in such a short time frame; from meeting new friends, connecting with people across Canada and learning what kind of background they come from was an amazing experience, one I will never forget.

Recently, I have been really busy with school and I have also been doing a lot of volunteer. I am currently the manager of the basketball team at my school where we recently made it to Provincials here in BC. Right now, I am participating in a Leadership Program with Port Metro Vancouver and taking all the skills I learned at the Youth Summit and applying it in this Leadership Program. Because of the Youth Summit I feel more and more comfortable standing up and taking to others, I feel that I am stepping outside my comfort zone and also trying new things out.

Some of my favorite memories are with my group playing games and going out to different place and viewing so many different attractions. Meeting new people from across Canada and all the little things you do creates memories with other people, I am now able to call them friends.

I am so glad that I got this opportunity. I do not know what kind of person I will be today without the experience of going to the Youth Summit.

A Big Thank You to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada for the awesome week in Ottawa!

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