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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Years of Good Friendship

My name is Wanda (Hayek) Coates, and I am a Little Sister. My Big Sister is Elizabeth. I am grown up now, married, and have a child.

Elizabeth and I were the first match here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1970. I was twelve years old at the time. I will always remember that day. Elizabeth has been a big inspiration in my life.
Growing up was tough with just a father, brother, and sister. My father is the greatest man in the world, and he knew that my sister and I needed mentors in our life. When he signed us up to meet Big Sisters, that was exciting.

When the day came and I met Elizabeth, I knew we were a definite match. We did so many exciting things. We often met up with all the other Big and Little Sisters in Winnipeg and, to name a few outings, we went skating as a group, and saw a shrine circus and the Ice Capades. Back then, the group was small, so we were able to go out together.

Over the years, Elizabeth and I stayed very good friends. She was there for me through my marriage, my daughter’s birth and my mother’s passing, and many other times. I could go on forever describing what a special person she truly is. I couldn’t have asked for anyone more wonderful than Elizabeth.

I’m glad to have shared this story and hope other Little Sisters find the rewarding experience I had. I wouldn’t have had a story to share if it wasn’t for Big Brothers Big Sisters, so I thank you from my heart.

by Wanda Coates