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Monday, October 27, 2014

Life is too short for hatred

As a young woman and making the first steps into the world of adulthood, I often look back at a simpler time. I look back at the events that have paved every milestone brick into the long branching road that we call life, and as I do, I recall that to be where I am today, I have been through the most unpleasant part of growing up. This portion is commonly referred to as bullying. In retrospect, my childhood was riddled with many harsh words and cynicisms. I am truly thankful that I had my loving family supported me thick and thin. Sadly, not all people have this benefit. I have watched many friends of mine go in so many directions – and not all of them were savory. Acne isn’t the only blemish in a young person’s life. Bullying is truly a problem we need to address as a people. Why must people be heckled for being gay, for their colour of skin, for their size and weight, for their religion or even their personality?!?!?

It’s almost [two years] since my summit with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, and at this summit, we were given a challenge. We must be the change we wish to see in the world. So many like-minded people in a single setting, so many different people, yet, the people I met had made me feel so welcome. This strange experience of feeling like the sister of over one hundred people got me thinking: What If I can show the same amount of love to other people? I had been in an Anti-bullying group for about a year to that point, and had decided to aim my attention at the problem of bullying. I received a budget of 100 dollars and with this money, I am spreading awareness by giving incentive to one lucky grade 12 student. One who shows the same amount of compassion I felt and gave in my high school life. This person has to be a guiding light - a warm blanket to put it in metaphor.

I aim to become a Big Sister once again, and to pass the torch on to our youth, because if no one does, we will be stuck in a limbo of civil war. We are the same species, yet we treat each other in such a disgraceful way.

Life is too short for hatred.
~Willa Julius

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